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The Dragon’s Treasure

No one steals treasure from a dragon.

So what was Sevyr thinking when he stole tribute from another clan? The dragonborn divided the land specifically to avoid inter-clan conflicts, but when his lover is about to be sacrificed to a neighboring clan that will kill her, Sevyr does the only sensible thing he can think of: he steals her away to the safety of the Red Mountain.

His plan is not without flaws. The biggest one? Desdemona is more than she appears, and Drake Bronzeclaw has very personal reasons for wanting to ensure that she winds up stone cold before her secrets are revealed.

Sevyr will do anything to protect the woman he loves. But will the rest of his clan risk going to war over a matter of the heart?

*The Dragon’s Treasure is a complete, standalone romance novella. It can be read on its own or as part of the Blackwing Dragons series.*

Bajirao Mastani Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Bajirao Mastani

With stunning sets, gorgeous costumes, and an outstanding soundtrack by the award-winning composer Sanjay Leela Bhansali, Bajirao Mastani tells the tragic love story of the 18th-century Maratha general and prime minister (or Peshwa) Baji Rao I and his second wife, the Rajput princess Mastani. This film has all the makings of a cinematic masterpiece.
Although the film is brought to life with excellent performances by Ranveer Singh as Bajirao, Deepika Padukone as Mastani, and Priyanka Chopra as Kashibai (Bajirao’s first…

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Jodhaa Akbar Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Jodhaa Akbar

In this lightly-fictionalized account of the marriage between 16th-century Mughal (Muslim) Emperor Akbar I and his Hindu wife-consort, Rajput princess Jodhaa—known historically by the title she received as Akbar’s consort, Mariam-uz-Zamaniviewers are treated to a sumptuous feast of outstanding sets, beautiful costumes, melodious music, and stellar performances by two of Bollywood’s greatest stars.
Hrithik Roshan brings Akbar to life, dominating the screen with his presence as he breathes heart and soul into his role as one of the greatest…

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Asoka Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)


There is something irresistible about the Indian film industry, especially when it comes to outstanding historical films like this one. Made in 2001 and co-written by the director, Santosh Sivan, Asoka tells a lightly fictionalized account of the early life and trials of Ashoka the Great.
An emperor of the Maurya Dynasty and grandson of the founder, Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka became the third Maurya emperor after defeating his brothers to claim the throne and ruled from approximately 268 – 232 BCE, setting this film over…

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Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge

Action, comedy, romance, real life lessons, and outstanding music come together in this classic Bollywood love story for a riotous romp from England, through Europe, and off to India. Join Raj (Shah Rukh Khan), the son of an eccentric, self-made millionaire living in England, and Simran (Kajol), daughter of a hardworking, middle class businessman who prides himself on having kept his Indian culture alive despite raising his family in a faraway western country, as they fall in love and struggle to overcome the obstacles that threaten their happiness.

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Coming to America Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Coming to America

“My son works!?” This line, delivered in the outraged, booming voice of Mufasa—that is to say, James Earl Jonesis a personal favorite from this hilarious film. A wild, riotous comedic romance that starts in the fictional African Kingdom of Zamunda, Coming to America is all about one Crown Prince (Akeem Joffer, as played by Eddie Murphy) and his quest to find true love. Along the way, he is accompanied by his trusted friend and assistant, Semmi (Arsenio Hall).
Raised in the isolation and splendor of his family’s castle estate, Akeem is an aristocrat who wants for nothing.

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Veer-Zaara Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)


Indian cinema produced a number of wonderful films in the early to mid-2000s, and this is one of them. Released in 2004, Veer-Zaara tells the love story of one Veer Pratap Singh (Shah Rukh Khan), a pilot in the Indian Air Force, and Zaara Hayat Khan (Preity Zinta), the daughter of a respected Pakistani politician with some serious goals for the future of his career.
Directed by Yash Chopra with a screenplay by his son, Aditya Chopra, Veer-Zaara is widely considered one of Yash Chopra’s finest films and marked his return to directing after a seven year hiatus. Combining a melodious…

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Splash Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)


Mermaid fans and those who love a good Tom Hanks film, rejoice! Released back in 1984, Splash is a classic paranormal romance film with everything needed for a thoroughly enjoyable movie. In his debut role as the leading man, Hanks portrays Allen Bauer, a young man busily running the family fruit business and convinced he may never, ever fall in love. That is, until he meets Madison (Daryl Hannah).
In the opening scenes, we are introduced to a young Allen out on a sightseeing boat tour with his family. When the young boy goes overboard…

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Groundhog Day Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Groundhog Day

What would you do if you found yourself trapped in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania repeating the same day over and over again? In Groundhog Day, this is exactly the predicament that aging weatherman Phil Connors (Bill Murray) finds himself in.
A cantankerous, sarcastic, and rather selfish middle-aged man, Connors finds himself, much to his chagrin, covering the annual Groundhog Day festival for his news station. With his duty fulfilled, he is eager to escape the small Pennsylvania town, only to soon find himself caught in a time loop and…

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What Women Want Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

What Women Want

Whether you like, love, or loathe Mel Gibson, there’s no denying that the man has made some great movies. And while What Women Want is a far cry from the battles and glory of Braveheart, it is an enjoyable romantic comedy worth your consideration. Released in 2000, What Women Want has held its own despite the passage of time, and except for a few advances in technology and popular culture, it manages not to feel dated.
At the core of the story is Nick Marshall (Gibson), a typical man’s man. Nick’s a bit of a chauvinist, more than slightly sexist and, as the audience…

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The Princess Bride Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

The Princess Bride

This classic fantasy romance film from the 1980s never gets old. Even some 30 years after it was made, The Princess Bride has a little something to offer everyone. Whether you want comedy, action, adventure, or romance (or maybe you just have a huge crush on Cary Elwes), this move delivers it all in spades, which might explain why I’ve been able to watch it dozens of times without the appeal being lost. At just 1:38 runtime, it manages to pack a lot of laughs and love into a relatively short timespan. Best of all, it’s perfect for the whole family.

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Ladyhawke Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)


This film is one of those old, slightly campy favorites that has held up surprisingly well to the passage of time. Produced in 1985, Ladyhawke is part comedy, part tragedy, and propelled by a strong romance well-deserving of your time. With a runtime of 2:01, you’ll be treated to some definite 80’s music, a bit of action, and adventure as Captain Navarre (Hauer) seeks a way to be reunited with his lady love (Pfeiffer) or else to gain vengeance for the cruel way in which they were separated.
Lending a main focal point to this tale, we have Philippe Gaston, a.k.a Mouse,..

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Legend Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)


Fans of Ridley Scott’s work will likely already be familiar with this 1985 film. Likewise, if you’re a fan of Tom Cruise and/or Tim Curry, you’ve probably heard of Legend before, maybe even watched it. Growing up in the 90s, this was one of the favorite films in our household, to the extent that we owned it on laserdisc back when those were a thing.
In essence, Legend is a romantic fairytale depicting the struggle between dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong. It is made in the spirit of some of the older European fairytales like those compiled by the…

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The Fifth Element Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

The Fifth Element

As one of the staple films of my adolescence and young adult life, I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen this movie. Suffice to say, The Fifth Element is eminently rewatchable. Packed with action, romance, solid world building, and enough sci-fi blended with a special kind of magic to satisfy even the most discriminating of viewers, this is a film that will make you think, make you laugh, and might even make you cry.
After a brief introduction set during 1914 in the run-up to WWI, the film begins in earnest during the year 2263 C.E. at a time when humans have…

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Earth Girls Are Easy Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Earth Girls Are Easy

This comedic romance is part musical, part sci-fi, and pure lighthearted entertainment from start to finish. And it should be! With Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in the starring roles, while the likes of Julie Brown, Damon Wayans, and Jim Carrey fill out the supporting cast, you can bet there’s plenty of comedy to carry this film home.
Fun fact: at the time this was filmed, Davis and Goldblum were a couple in real life. No wonder they had such great chemistry on screen!
Earth Girls Are Easy follows Valerie Gail (Davis) as she contends with the…

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Your Name (Kimi no na wa) Movie Cover (www.universalromance.com)

Your Name

This film straddles the line between sci-fi and fantasy while telling a story that is romantic, at times tragic, and thoughtful throughout. Whether you’re a longtime fan of anime (Japanese animated films) or a newcomer to the genre, Your Name is an excellent film that is well-worth your time. At only 1:47 running time, it delivers an outstanding story you’re sure to enjoy.
First, the animation. In this respect, the film is absolutely top-notch. The animation is smooth, vivid, realistic, and pretty much encompasses everything there is to love about anime.

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