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Your Name (Kimi no na wa) Movie Cover (
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SciFi Romance

Your Name

1h 46min

(Kimi No Na Wa)
A Thoughtful Fantasy-SciFi Anime Romance

This film straddles the line between sci-fi and fantasy while telling a story that is romantic, at times tragic, and thoughtful throughout. Whether you’re a longtime fan of anime (Japanese animated films) or a newcomer to the genre, Your Name is an excellent film that is well-worth your time. At only 1:47 running time, it delivers an outstanding story you’re sure to enjoy.

First, the animation. In this respect, the film is absolutely top-notch. The animation is smooth, vivid, realistic, and pretty much encompasses everything there is to love about anime. Scenes transition without issue, and even as the complexities of the plot emerge you won’t get lost. Produced by CoMix Wave Films and written / directed by Makoto Shinkai, Your Name is on par with the best works of the more widely known Hayao Miyazaki and his Studio Ghibli.

Over the course its runtime, the audience is treated to a splendid story that encompasses teenage romance, science fiction, some drama, a touch of tragedy, and hope for true love. Main characters Mitsuha and Taki are a teenage girl and boy, respectively, who wake up one day to find that they have switched bodies. While Mitsuha lives in a country village, Taki is a city boy from Tokyo, and the two lead drastically different lives.

On Mitsuha’s side, we get to see glimpses of her village’s traditional history, as she and her sister are instructed by their grandmother to continue the old ways and the scenes are just beautiful—rich forests, mountain views, and vivid lakes. When Mitsuha and Taki begin switching places at random, they quickly realize what is happening and set about leaving each other notes and information about what’s happened on the days they were switched.

Naturally, these switches lead to some hilarious and some awkward situations for each of the teenagers, but as the film progresses they gradually grow closer and even start to fall in love.

Midway through the film, a tragedy is revealed that almost turned this blossoming love story on its head. This is a part of the movie where you might want to have a tissue box handy, but it’s not over then and ultimately the resolution to the whole ordeal is simply wonderful. By the end of this beautiful film, you’ll be rooting for Mitsuha and Taki to find each other.

Best of all, fans of this film will be pleased to hear that there is a live action adaptation in the works. What are you waiting for? This is a film you don’t want to miss, so grab yourself a copy, fix some snacks, get your partner or some good friends over to enjoy it with you, and prepare to be swept away by this delightful anime romance.

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