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Q & A — Submissive Urination

Does anyone’s chihuahua alway pee? Every time I pet my little dog, she pees. Every time I pick her up,  she pees. When she’s excited or nervous she pees, even after she had already peed outside. She’s just a little girl with bladder control issues and she’s been like this since she was a puppy, currently 7 years old. I asked the veterinarian about this issue and they said that she’s fine but I don’t like mopping my floor so often. Any suggestions?

Is she a super submissive dog in general? Ultra submissive dogs do what’s called submissive urination—weird to us as humans, but in a pack apparently it’s one of the ways that more submissive members can show their leader / alphas that they are submissive. I used to have very similar issues with my submissive female.

I bolstered my girl’s confidence as a puppy by doing things like laying on my back and letting her climb on my belly / chest while we played, always crouching down so she could hop in my lap first when I wanted to pick her up (instead of just bending over to grab her), and pretty much never scolding or being harsh to her (and a gentle word of correction is all she’s ever needed).

It took a few months of retraining, and there are still times when she’ll start to submissively pee if my husband goes to pick her up, but she’s much more confident now (7 years old) and rarely pees when I approach or pick her up. I still tend to let her climb in my lap or hop up into my chair before I pick her up, but I can also scoop her up from the floor / bed / etc and 95% of the time there are no accidents. 

Hope this info helps, try not to be frustrated with your girl.