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Q & A — Raw Food Diet

Does anyone feed their chihuahua a raw food diet? How did you start, and what do you feed?

Mine were eating raw for a while when they were younger. You want to use lean beef, chicken breast, and / or other lean meat like turkey or lamb (but those are expensive). You’ll need to get a kitchen scale so you can weigh servings and not overfeed, then chop the meat into little bitesized pieces for your dog. 

Their diet should be at least 50 – 60% meat, of which 90% of the meat should be lean meat (heart counts as lean meat, I often feed my pair beef heart as a result because it’s super cheap even when it’s grass-fed organic)—the remaining 10% of their meat should be organ meat like kidney, liver, etc. Some people also give raw, thawed chicken feet as a chew toy.

Other than the meat, fresh veggies chopped into small pieces can include: cucumber, bell pepper, peas (recommend steaming lightly and mashing for maximum digestion), lightly steamed broccoli florets, hard boiled eggs (technically not raw) chopped into pieces (one egg would need to be spread across 2 – 3 days for a chihuahua though, unless you remove the yolk), yogurt, green beans, snap peas, thin sliced carrot, spinach, etc.