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Q & A — Quality Food

I had a dog that ate human food and developed pancreatic cancer. The veterinarian said that the dog was fed too much human food. I didn’t give her a lot, just once in a while. So how does this work with home cooked dog food recipes, wouldn’t that be too much human food over time?

Fresh, home cooked dog food made from scratch using human quality ingredients is a lot different than sharing pre-made foods from the store that are likely to be high in fat / salt content, high in sugar content, and loaded with preservatives / stabilizers and other additives, which cause a plethora of health problems.

I was feeding my Chihuahuas a sports-mix small breed dog food but just found out that this brand has killed over 100 dogs in a short amount of time! What can I safely feed my dog?

You might want to consider making home cooked meals for your dogs if you’ve only got a couple of them. It’s the only way to ensure that you know exactly what is going into their food and that they won’t be accidentally poisoned because of some toxin that got into their food during the manufacturing process. 

It can seem kind of daunting at first, but if you get a good recipe and cook up a large pot (I use a 6 liter pan) you can freeze the majority and thaw as needed. I cook for my pair (male and female, both weigh 5 – 6 lbs) about every three weeks and it only takes 1.5 hours in total, preparation + cooking time. 

Using organic, grass-fed beef heart (super cheap but usually something you have to ask the butcher to order in for you) for the lean meat content + a mixture of sweet potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, peas, eggs, and whatever other healthy veggies I have on hand (bell peppers are popular with my dogs, as are broccoli, spinach, zucchini, yellow squash, etc.)—plus some brown rice or buckwheat makes super nutritious, balanced food that is also pretty cheap to make. I think it costs me about $12 – $15 to make 3 weeks worth of food for two dogs. Definitely something to consider if you’re worried about toxic stuff winding up in dog food.