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Q & A — Potty Training

Can anyone help? I have four chihuahuas, three females and one male, and I can’t get them to go outside to potty in the garden when it’s cold and wet. Instead they choose to stand at the entrance door, to then come back in and potty on my carpet.

Rather than going back to pee pads, perhaps you could construct a small covered area for them that will stay dry during rainy days? I’ve got a girl who doesn’t like the wet ground either, so she’ll hug the side of the house where there’s an overhang that keeps the ground dry. 

With a couple of 2 x 4s, a handful of nails / screws, and a sheet of plastic or plywood, you could make a 3 ft x 3 ft covered area that would stay dry during the rain. You could even put plastic or plywood on one or two sides to create a wind break too. Just put that in an area of your yard, or move it from place to place periodically, and they should get the idea. 

Hope that helps, good luck with them; I know it can be a challenge during the winter months.