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Q & A  — Marking Territory

Very frustrated, please help. Hephaestus is a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, I got him at the end of September and he turned 1 year old the first week of October. He’s potty trained and I take both of my chihuahuas out to potty practically every 2 hours, why is he still peeing in my house? I don’t think it happens every day, but it still bothers me and if he keeps this up, I will have to get rid of him although I don’t want to. Neither of my dogs are neutered. I’ve had my oldest since he was 4 months old and he never had an accident inside the house.

There’s an adjustment period. Moreover, it sounds like you have two intact males in the house? No matter how well they get along, two males—especially when they are intact—are going to want to mark their territory. Neutering might help deter this desire, but it’s pretty engrained in male dogs.

Try getting belly bands for the boy you know is marking, but be prepared to also use belly bands on your second male if you realize he’s marking too.

Constant vigilance, gentle corrections, and belly bands. It is very hard to get any male dog 100% housebroken, but if you respond readily to his needs when he signals that he wants to go out and you belly band him / keep a close eye on him when he’s roaming around, you should be able to keep him on good behavior the majority of the time.