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Q & A — Hypoglycemia

I rescued a chihuahua about 10 months ago and he’s 11 months old now. I always heard that chihuahuas usually have seizures from low blood sugar. My puppy hasn’t had any seizures but will he eventually? If he will start having seizures, around what age do they usually start? Or do some chihuahuas never have any in their life time?

If you keep him well-fed he shouldn’t have issues from hypoglycemia (low blood sugar). Whether he’ll wind up having seizures due to other neurological issues, only time will tell. But seizures from low blood sugar are pretty much 100% avoidable. If this is a lingering concern of yours, I recommend that you keep organic corn syrup, maple syrup, organic honey, or another natural high sugar syrup on hand in case of emergencies. If your dog becomes lethargic or shows signs of hypoglycemia you can feed them one – two teaspoons and / or smear some of the syrup on their gums to help bring them back to normal. Please note that it can take 15 to 20 minutes for sugar to get into their system and to see signs of improvement.