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Q & A — Breed Size

Help! I’m raising a dinosaur!

I had Zeus, he was 5 lbs. Ares (same parents, different litter) is 3 lbs 2 oz. After Zeus passed away, we spent some hefty money on Poseidon. He weights 7 lbs 6 oz and is 6 months old. His parents are both registered and have papers, they are purebred chihuahuas and weigh 4 and 5 lbs respectively. This little menace is growing at a rapid rate and my husband read online that if a chihuahua is more than 5.9 lbs, they are considered not full bread anymore. I feel like he looks so different from my other boys. Poseidon is very active, he is not overweight but he is getting long and tall. Does anyone else have a purebred chihuahua that ends up looking like half german shepherd after he grows up. He is harassing Ares and is now more than half Ares’s size. Poor Ares goes out to poo and Poseidon barrel rolls him mid poo, he is huge!

Yeah, it’s normal and fine. He won’t be allowed in any show rings since he’s bigger than the breed standard, but it happens. So long as he doesn’t wind up fat (because it’ll strain his bones and ligaments + put pressure on his internal organs) he’s just a healthy, slightly bigger chihuahua.