Historical Romance — Movie Review

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Historical Romance

Jodhaa Akbar

3h 33min

A Bollywood Classic

In this lightly-fictionalized account of the marriage between 16th-century Mughal (Muslim) Emperor Akbar I and his Hindu wife-consort, Rajput princess Jodhaa—known historically by the title she received as Akbar’s consort, Mariam-uz-Zamaniviewers are treated to a sumptuous feast of outstanding sets, beautiful costumes, melodious music, and stellar performances by two of Bollywood’s greatest stars.

Hrithik Roshan brings Akbar to life, dominating the screen with his presence as he breathes heart and soul into his role as one of the greatest Mughal emperors to ever reign over India, while Aishwarya Rai lends grace and beauty to her performance, adding a touch of swordplay to complete the fierce warrior princess, Jodhaa.

Although Jodhaa Akbar may not be strictly historically accurate, the film does justice to its subject matter, taking viewers back to 16th-century India as it recreates the beauty and splendor of the Mughal court, as well as Jodhaa’s familial home. With a tight narrative, lyrical dialogs, and smooth scene transitions, it’s easy to immerse yourself in this feast for the senses—and this is one film you’ll certainly want to immerse yourself in. Running a total of 3:34, you’ll want to set aside an entire evening to enjoy Jodhaa Akbar—and keep the Indian food close because there’s a specific scene that’s bound to leave you salivating with hunger.

Replete with political machinations, religious disagreements, and family feuds the likes of which you probably wouldn’t wish on your worst enemy, Jodhaa Akbar has something for everyone to enjoy, including a stellar soundtrack by the critically-acclaimed, award-winning A.R. Rahman—also known as the Mozart of Madras.

Given Roshan’s Akbar is a principled hero with a heart, while Rai’s Jodhaa is the ultimate loving, devoted, if not slightly distant wife, you’ll be sucked into their story in no time, and rooting for true love to win out. A definite masterpiece and Bollywood classic, grab yourself an HD copy now and be prepare to be swept away.

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