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Is a Chihuahua right for you?

After featuring alongside many Hollywood celebrities, starring in Taco Bell commercials, and even having their own films made about them (a la Beverly Hills Chihuahua) chihuahuas have become a very popular breed in North America. They are the smallest of the toy breeds, with purebred chihuahuas generally weighing between 3 to 6 pounds. Small enough to be taken on a plane as carry-on luggage, with ears like radar dishes and enormous, endearing eyes, it’s no wonder they’ve charmed their way into the hearts and lives of folks all around the world.

But before you find the nearest chihuahua breeder and run out to get yourself a new puppy it’s important to understand what a commitment it is to adopt a chihuahua. Despite their minuscule size, these…

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Chihuahuas and Children

This is a good question, and the answer is that it depends. Chihuahuas are not suitable pets for children, especially young children, and should not be given to children as such. This isn’t necessarily because chihuahuas will be aggressive toward the children, but because children can often be reckless and careless. Chihuahuas are very small dogs, and despite their feisty temperaments and apparent toughness, they are still fragile, delicate, and easily hurt.

Children may accidentally hurt a chihuahua in many ways, including stepping on them, kicking them, sitting on them, dropping them, or simply squeezing them too tightly in a hug. When the dog may weigh as little as 3 pounds, you can see how easily a child could hurt it.

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Chihuahuas and Other Pets

Chihuahuas should be combined with other pets cautiously, and depending on breed and circumstances. As a general rule of thumb, chihuahuas will learn to get along with most other house pets but they can get overwhelmed if your house is a veritable petting zoo. As with people though, not all dogs are the same, and some react very poorly to the introduction of additional pets, so it’s important to gauge your dog’s temperament and disposition.

With that said, there are some ways you can successfully integrate a chihuahua with other pets. The first, and best way, would be to raise your chihuahua and your other pet(s) together from an early age. If you already have mature animals in the household, try to adopt a puppy or young chihuahua, as most…

Questions & Answers

Can anybody help me please? I had two Chihuahuas, a boy and a girl who got on reasonably well, although my girl who I had first did pick on my boy a bit. Now I have a puppy too, called Iris. Hera picks on her all the time and that is making Iris very timid. Any ideas what to do? As I don’t want my beautiful dog to be scared.

One of my fur kids will not look me straight on in the face. It is always rather a sideways glance. He is a rescue dog and I wonder if it is a fear or maybe it is more normal than I realize.

Help! I’m raising a dinosaur!

I had Zeus, he was 5 lbs. Ares (same parents, different litter) is 3 lbs 2 oz. After Zeus passed away, we spent some hefty money on Poseidon. He weights 7 lbs 6 oz and is 6 months old. His parents are both registered and have papers, they are purebred chihuahuas and weigh 4 and 5 lbs respectively. This little menace is growing at a rapid rate and my husband read online that if a chihuahua is more than 5.9 lbs, they are considered not full bread anymore. I feel like he looks so different from my other boys. Poseidon is very active, he is not overweight but he is getting long and tall. Does anyone else have a purebred chihuahua that ends up looking like half german shepherd after he grows up. He is harassing Ares and is now more than half Ares’s size. Poor Ares goes out to poo and Poseidon barrel rolls him mid poo, he is huge!

My daughter has a Chihuahua, Apollo. He’s been with her since he was a couple of months old. Our neighbor’s child locked him outside in the rain. He was there a couple of hours before I heard him crying. I went over, got him and called the neighbor. She stated that she was looking for homes for him and his brother. That was in May, 2015. Apollo does have separation anxiety. He doesn’t want to be left alone even for a few minutes. He acts out by peeing all through the house. My question is:
What is the best way to help him over this?

He will also just randomly pee on things in the house even if one of us or both of us are here with him. We do let him outside when he goes to the door. He won’t use pee pads. 

We have never had a Chihuahua before and someone told us that their temperament is different. I don’t know if that is true. We’ve never had a male dog before either.

Very frustrated, please help. Hephaestus is a rescue dog from Puerto Rico, I got him at the end of September and he turned 1 year old the first week of October. He’s potty trained and I take both of my chihuahuas out to potty practically every 2 hours, why is he still peeing in my house? I don’t think it happens every day, but it still bothers me and if he keeps this up, I will have to get rid of him although I don’t want to. Neither of my dogs are neutered. I’ve had my oldest since he was 4 months old and he never had an accident inside the house.

I had a dog that ate human food and developed pancreatic cancer. The veterinarian said that the dog was fed too much human food. I didn’t give her a lot, just once in a while. So how does this work with home cooked dog food recipes, wouldn’t that be too much human food over time?

I was feeding my Chihuahuas a sports-mix small breed dog food but just found out that this brand has killed over 100 dogs in a short amount of time! What can I safely feed my dog?

I rescued a chihuahua about 10 months ago and he’s 11 months old now. I always heard that chihuahuas usually have seizures from low blood sugar. My puppy hasn’t had any seizures but will he eventually? If he will start having seizures, around what age do they usually start? Or do some chihuahuas never have any in their life time?

Looking for advice! I have a 1 year old chihuahua boy that is fun and lovable and just has the best attitude. My husband wants to get another chihuahua, but I’m worried that my boy’s personality will change. I just love him the way he is. If we get another chihuahua, in your experience will it change his fun, loving personality?

My baby girl is 10 months old. How long does the heat cycle last? Can she get spade after the first heat cycle?

At what age do you spay a female?

Does anyone feed their chihuahua a raw food diet? How did you start, and what do you feed?

At what age is best to let a male chihuahua breed? I have a female who is 1.5 years old and a friend of mine has a male that is only a few months old.

I adopted a 3 year old chihuahua from Miami 6 months ago. He has been a good boy except when he tries to attack anyone who gets close to my daughter. I can’t talk to her other than from a distance, bring her food to the table, etc, without him trying to bite me. He has bit me twice and also bit my 6 year old son. When my kids are with their dad he behaves perfectly. I honestly don’t know what to do.

We just got a new chihuahua yesterday. We have a chi-weenie that is primarily chihuahua and she has been the best dog ever. The new dog we just purchased is 4 months old and has basically lived in a cage it’s entire life.

1) We have a toddler that does pretty well with our other dog. Sometimes he will try to kiss the dogs and our other dog does great, this new dog has tried to bite /attack him multiple times. Will this get better or is this something I need to be concerned about?

2) We have potty trained multiple dogs and have always been very successful. It is cold where we live right now and our new dog REFUSES to pee / poop outside. She has even been pooping right when she comes inside from the outside.

Any advice in these areas?

My new rescue Demeter goes really crazy when someone comes to our door. She barks so much that I need to take her into another room, but she still doesn’t stop! Any advice as how to get her to quiet down? It’s so embarrassing. Other than that she is an angel.

Can I feed knuckle bones to my dogs? Is it safe and won’t it destroy their teeth?

Help! My dogs went to the veterinarian recently and he said that two of them are 2 and 3 pounds overweight, respectively. I make all their food at home. How can I help them lose weight?

My dog’s adult teeth are growing in before her baby one come out. Is this common? My other two dogs never had this issue. She goes in next month to get fixed. I assume they’ll take care of it then?

Can anyone help? I have four chihuahuas, three females and one male, and I can’t get them to go outside to potty in the garden when it’s cold and wet. Instead they choose to stand at the entrance door, to then come back in and potty on my carpet.

I got a big bag of heart, liver, ground beef, pork, some bones (pork & beef I think) and lamb today for my chihuahua. I’ve never fed raw before to my dog, someone please tell me how to do this! I’m so lost as to what to add to it, do I need to cook it first? What about the portions? 

My chihuahua is a 8 lbs, 5 year old male with teeth problems.

Do you have to go to a special butcher to get the beef heart or just a grocery store butcher? Then how do you cook it?

Our dogs are two littermate males, 10 weeks old. We haven’t heard of littermate syndrome until we already adopted them. We will not re-home one or both of them. Instead, we need a solution.

(I know they are puppies and I know that they are just playing, albeit rough in my opinion. I also know it’s part of puppyhood to train.)

Last night they tore up their pee pads, sparred until one or the other of them got nipped and hurt, ran around like mad dogs, barking, yipping, biting, but more than anything, they were peeing and pooping wherever they wanted to, like they had never been trained at all. The pads are in the same place they always are, and they would go to them, circle, and then poop just off the pads.

Is this normal puppy play and do we just need to get through it? Or are we doing something wrong that’s causing this behavior?

We are also consistent. They sleep in the same bed, the same place, the same time. They eat from the same bowls (having each their own bowl), at the same place, and at the same time. We give them ample time to just “be”, but they chose every time to play very roughly until one of them yelps in pain. We play with them catch, fetch, let them play with a knotted rope between them, and don’t encourage to bite us or anything else other than the toys.

I have a king shepherd dog whose health is declining. I may have to euthanize him soon, which is making me sad. We also have a boxer-doodle but she’s my husbands girl. My son wants a chihuahua but I don’t know the first thing about them. Prices, personality, lifespan, any negative traits or positive ones. Any info would be nice.

Does anyone’s chihuahua alway pee? Every time I pet my little dog, she pees. Every time I pick her up,  she pees. When she’s excited or nervous she pees, even after she had already peed outside. She’s just a little girl with bladder control issues and she’s been like this since she was a puppy, currently 7 years old. I asked the veterinarian about this issue and they said that she’s fine but I don’t like mopping my floor so often. Any suggestions?

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