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The Princess Bride

This classic fantasy romance film from the 1980s never gets old. Even some 30 years after it was made, The Princess Bride has a little something to offer everyone. Whether you want comedy, action, adventure, or romance (or maybe you just have a huge crush on Cary Elwes), this move delivers it all in spades, which might explain why I’ve been able to watch it dozens of times without the appeal being lost. At just 1:38 runtime, it manages to pack a lot of laughs and love into a relatively short timespan. Best of all, it’s perfect for the whole family.

In this romantic romp, Cary Elwes is Westley, a young man and common farmhand who is deeply in love with the maiden Buttercup (Robin Wright). Lacking the money needed for marriage, Westley departs to…

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This film is one of those old, slightly campy favorites that has held up surprisingly well to the passage of time. Produced in 1985, Ladyhawke is part comedy, part tragedy, and propelled by a strong romance well-deserving of your time. With a runtime of 2:01, you’ll be treated to some definite 80’s music, a bit of action, and adventure as Captain Navarre (Hauer) seeks a way to be reunited with his lady love (Pfeiffer) or else to gain vengeance for the cruel way in which they were separated.

Lending a main focal point to this tale, we have Philippe Gaston, a.k.a Mouse (Broderick), a young thief who is set to be executed at the start of the film. After a daring escape from the dungeons of Aquila, the semi-godless, often sarcastic Mouse finds himself on the run from the Captain of the Guard, Marquet.

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Fans of Ridley Scott’s work will likely already be familiar with this 1985 film. Likewise, if you’re a fan of Tom Cruise and/or Tim Curry, you’ve probably heard of Legend before, maybe even watched it. Growing up in the 90s, this was one of the favorite films in our household, to the extent that we owned it on laserdisc back when those were a thing.

In essence, Legend is a romantic fairytale depicting the struggle between dark and light, good and bad, right and wrong. It is made in the spirit of some of the older European fairytales like those compiled by the Brothers Grimm way back when. You know, like the version of Snow White where her stepmother is forced to dance to her death in hot iron shoes. That didn’t make it into the Disney retelling of the tale…

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