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SciFi Romance

Earth Girls Are Easy

1h 40min

A Lighthearted, Comedic SciFi Romance Romp

This comedic film is part musical, part SciFi romance, and pure lighthearted entertainment from start to finish. And it should be! With Geena Davis and Jeff Goldblum in the starring roles, while the likes of Julie Brown, Damon Wayans, and Jim Carrey fill out the supporting cast, you can bet there’s plenty of comedy to carry this film home.

Fun fact: at the time this was filmed, Davis and Goldblum were a couple in real life. No wonder they had such great chemistry on screen!

Earth Girls Are Easy follows Valerie Gail (Davis) as she contends with the infidelity of her fiancé, a crash-landed spaceship in her swimming pool, and the subsequent romance that blossoms between her and the ship’s alien captain, Mac (Goldblum) while they chase his zany crew around southern California.

With some cheesy special effects (it was the 80s, after all) and a number of saccharinely sweet song and dance routines thrown in, you’d be hard-pressed to take this SciFi romance seriously.

The wonderful thing about Earth Girls is that you don’t have to take it seriously in order to enjoy it (in fact, you will probably be disappointed if you try to take this film seriously). There is just enough drama to help propel the plot, without being too cheesy about it, and enough humor to make most cynics smile.

Scenes transition smoothly, the dialog and performances are largely believable, and the film has a good flow to it that makes it a fun way to spend your time. At just 1:40 in length, it’s a quick film that doesn’t feel lacking. There are certainly worse ways you could spend that time.

So if you’re in the mood for some lighthearted, comedic romance, or you just have a thing for Davis and Goldblum, grab a copy of Earth Girls, make some popcorn, and have yourself a very enjoyable movie night. P.S. If you can’t get your significant other to watch this with you, bring a couple of girlfriends over and have some drinks with that popcorn while you all laugh.

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