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Chihuahuas and Other Pets

Big Dogs to Little Cats

Chihuahuas should be combined with other pets cautiously, and depending on breed and circumstances. As a general rule of thumb, chihuahuas will learn to get along with most other house pets but they can get overwhelmed if your house is a veritable petting zoo. As with people though, not all dogs are the same, and some react very poorly to the introduction of additional pets, so it’s important to gauge your dog’s temperament and disposition.

With that said, there are some ways you can successfully integrate a chihuahua with other pets. The first, and best way, would be to raise your chihuahua and your other pet(s) together from an early age. If you already have mature animals in the household, try to adopt a puppy or young chihuahua, as most animals accept younger newcomers more easily than adults.


Chihuahuas have large, protruding eyes that can be scratched by a cat and then become badly infected.
Keep a close eye on your chi around cats.

This can work exceptionally well with other small dog breeds, cats and even rabbits. If you raise your chihuahua with a larger dog breed, though, there can still be dangers even if they get along well; chihuahuas don’t usually back down, aren’t aware of their size, and can easily be hurt by larger dogs while playing as a result. If you have a larger dog breed living with any toy breed, you’ll need to pay close attention to them when they play and roughhouse.

Birds of a Feather Flock Together

Chihuahuas demonstrate a clear awareness of breed distinction, and they are surprisingly fond of their own kind. If you have one chihuahua, consider adopting a second and you’ll see how they love one another and will play with and clean each other, as well as snuggle together to sleep.

Cats can also present some danger to chihuahuas, even if they are usually friendly towards the dog. Chihuahuas have large, protruding eyes that can easily be scratched by a cat, so any cats that hang out with your chi should be very gentle, relaxed kitties. Also keep a close eye on your chi anytime he or she is hanging out with your cat(s).

The other way you may successfully integrate a chihuahua with other pets is if you have the other pets first, and you introduce the chihuahua into the home with the other pets. When you have this situation, your new chi will generally realize that it is the new member of the family and must adapt to fit in with everyone else. By contrast, if you have a chihuahua who is already settled into your home and you try to introduce a new pet, it may take longer to integrate.

Curiously, chihuahuas do tend to get along very well with other chihuahuas. Regardless of age or gender, most chihuahuas will quickly adapt to a new chi, and you’ll be amazed how close they get. If one chi is good, two chis are better; they will play together, keep one another company, clean each other’s eyes and ears, and snuggle together for warmth when they sleep.