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Chihuahuas and Children

Can you combine the two?

This is a good question, and the answer is that it depends. Chihuahuas are not suitable pets for children, especially young children, and should not be given to children as such. This isn’t necessarily because chihuahuas will be aggressive toward the children, but because children can often be reckless and careless. Chihuahuas are very small dogs, and despite their feisty temperaments and apparent toughness, they are still fragile, delicate, and easily hurt.

Children may accidentally hurt a chihuahua in many ways, including stepping on them, kicking them, sitting on them, dropping them, or simply squeezing them too tightly in a hug. When the dog may weigh as little as 3 pounds, you can see how easily a child could hurt it.


Never leave a child unattended with a chihuahua.

But Chihuahuas can be part of a family with children, under the right circumstances. Particularly, if you already have a chihuahua and then have a child, it will be very important to keep the chihuahua and child under strict supervision around one another until your child has learned to treat the small dog gently and carefully. Also, if you have a chihuahua and then have a child, you may need to keep an eye out for signs of jealousy. Some chihuahuas become very possessive and territorial of their favorite person, and they may get jealous of a new baby at first.

Families with young children, who are thinking of adopting their first chihuahua, would be better off considering a slightly hardier breed. Larger dogs, such as labs and golden retrievers, can be absolutely great with kids, but they do need more exercise and space—not to mention food. If your family is living in a small house or an apartment, you might consider a beagle or an American bulldog for their sweet temperaments.

A few good dog breeds for children:


  • The American bulldog: A smaller breed, not too energetic, renowned for their love of children and loyalty to their family.
  • A beagle: another small, sturdy breed, usually very gentle,
    fond of children, enjoys roughhousing and playing ball.
  • The English bulldog: known as one of the sweetest breeds, these dogs are protective, courageous and gentle; they need lots of love.
  • A Golden Retriever: the quintessential childhood dog, Golden Retrievers are intelligent, easy to train, gentle and very patient.
  • A Labrador Retriever: Slightly more dominant than the Golden Retriever, Labs are loving, intelligent, loyal and patient.